World War II Veteran – Alexander Trybulski

My 102 “years young” Grandpa

By Pamela McCormick

If one could encompass the amount of time, labor, sweat, gut-wrenching, heart-stopping moments experienced by military members during their service… HERO…doesn’t even seem like a big enough description. How can a simple word possibly encapsulate their sacrifices to our country, and for the world? Just like the human soul… there are so many layers to each person, each experience, each HERO. Stories from each military member can continue that LEGACY of heroism and HONOR.

Alexander Trybulski

         Alex Trybulski is an American Army G.I., and honored member of the 96th Infantry Division, 381st Anti-Tanker, nicknamed The Deadeyes. “Big Al”, as we call him, is a Husband, a Brother, a Dad, a Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Great-Great Grandpa.

My Grandpa with my Brother and I

          To his family, he is a hardworking, athletic, family man. He can knock a few strikes out at the bowling alley; he fishes and is a multi-talented handyman. He loves a good crossword puzzle, listens to some great Polka music and can knock out some dance moves, too. According to him, he played the best golf game of his life at 97! He is now 102 years young. Big Al enjoys a “Bud” or Manhattan from time to time, loves spending time with family and has an incredible heart. He always lights up when telling a story, especially when it comes to the war…

          Alex Trybulski (my grandpa) fought in the last two of three major battles of World War II. He fought in the Philippines with General McArthur and then fought in the last major battle of World War II which was in Okinawa, Japan.

          To the United States of America, he is a decorated soldier with many medals, ribbons and badges of honor bestowed upon him:

-Expert Rifle & Carbine Combat Infantry Badge

-Marksman Bayonet, Hand Grenade Combat Infantry Badge

-Philippine Liberation Ribbon w/2 bronze stars

-Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon w/2 bronze stars and arrow head

-American Defense Service Ribbon

-Victory Ribbon

-Good Conduct Medal

-American Defense Service Ribbon

-96th Infantry Division Patch

-Okinawa Liberation Medal

-Philippine Victory Medal with 3 bronze battle stars

-Philippine Independence Medal

-Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge (presented by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States)

-And a Purple Heart… (To commemorate the extraordinary sacrifices of United States Military members who were killed or wounded in battle).

To me there aren’t enough medals or badges to truly thank him and others for their service to our country…

Alex Trybulski was an intrical part of our American History.

Alex Trybulski helped us gain our FREEDOM.

          Alex Trybulski…Big AL…(Grandpa)…

          YOU are…           OUR HERO.

We at GATHER Media are SO grateful to each and every one of you who raised your hand and said, “I will.” Whether you saw battle or not, your willingness is commendable. What a privilege to meet a veteran or active military soldier, shake their hand and hear their story.

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