The Well-Traveled Weddeds

The travel and adventure chronicles of Caleb & Chloé: 90s kids from Detroit who fell in love and got married. We believe in lifelong honeymoons.

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Chloe and Caleb Leach were destined for one another.

The Holiday Hills residents met in the third grade at a weekly Bible study for homeschooled kids in the Detroit area. Life would never be the same after that meeting. “Our fondest childhood memories are of times spent in Northern Michigan with our separate families,” said Chloe, a wedding photographer who is also on the management team at the Spa in the Grand Traverse Resort.

With dogs, Roxie, a Boston Terrier, and Clemenza, a Doberman pinscher, Chloe and Caleb love the fresh water, landscapes, and beautiful places northern Michigan is famous for. “We love that we get to drive along the shimmering bay to get anywhere,” said Chloe, who moved to Holiday Hills in 2014. “We knew this would be the only place for us.”

This is the only place for us.

Profession(s):Caleb is a butcher at Burritt’s Fresh Market; Chloe is on the management team at the Spa in the Grand Traverse Resort. Both are also internationally published travel and wedding photographers; visit 

Where are you originally from?Caleb and I are both born and raised Detroit kids! We were both homeschooled by our parents starting in elementary school all the way through high school. We actually met at a Bible study group for homeschoolers. We saw each other every Wednesday starting in third grade.

Chloe Leach of Meridian Photography

Do you have any family traditions?Both of us grew up vacationing in the area. Our fondest childhood memories are of times spent in northern Michigan with our separate families. Even though we’ve seen some of the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer through our photography business, we always come back to our little Traverse City with her quiet forests and dunes and rivers and turquoise fresh water saying, ‘This is the only place for us.”

What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood?We love how peaceful it is! We love the trails right in our backyard, as do our dogs, and we love that we have to drive along the beautiful shimmering bay to go anywhere!

Meridian Photography

What do you like to do to relax? We like to play music together. Caleb plays piano and I sing and play violin. We’ve also developed a recent affinity for stand up paddle boarding together.

How are you involved in the community?We are very involved in our church and the faith community in the Traverse City area. Caleb teaches Biblical studies twice a week and leads a men’s group. He’s learning Koine Greek, which is a dead language, so that he can better understand and explain ancient texts that were written in this language. He is quite the scholar and it’s truly his passion!  

Meridian Photography

As wedding photographers and small business owners, we have many connections with other entrepreneurs in town. We frequent restaurants and wedding venues and love enlarging our circle of acquaintances. This town is just bursting with unique and creative people!

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