Team Elmer’s – Building Better Communities

Building better communities is the core of Team Elmer’s…because PEOPLE matter.

“Our success is due to every person who gets up early, braves the heat, cold, rain, ice, snow, grease, and sand, then stays late until the project is done. Every person who gets up at 2 a.m. when an emergency sewer or water line has broken and they get the call to come in and fix it, the families who support them, and the teamwork that each person shows on every project. It’s humbling to be a part of it,” says Team Elmer’s Communications Director Tonya Wildfong.

Team Elmer’s provides heavy construction services including asphalt, excavation, concrete ready-mix supply, aggregates, trucking. Specialized services include cranes, rigging, piers, and piling services.

The company, which currently has over 450 employees with 14 locations across Northern Michigan, dates back to 1956. Tonya explains, “Elmer Schaub—the Elmer part of Team Elmer’s— started digging conservation ponds with a dragline crane. Elmer noticed that he needed to level off the ‘spoil’ created by the pond digging, so he purchased a D-4 Cat bulldozer. His wife, Edna, named the company ‘Elmer’s Crane and Dozer’. Elmer Schaub ran the business until 1977 when he decided to retire and offered Russell ‘Butch’ Broad the chance to buy the business.”

Butch retired in 2009, and his three children purchased the business while maintaining dedication to a high-quality product and customer satisfaction during the recession thanks to “traveling farther for work, many painful sacrifices, and their amazing co-workers/crew.”  

How does Team Elmer’s differ from their competition? The backbone of their business is three-fold: (1) people matter; (2) they build better communities; (3) they are radically different.

“We are part of something bigger than our work. We are building the foundations for hospitals that heal, the schools that teach, the roads that get families home safely, the driveways for the next chalk artist, basketball star, or first-time bike rider. Our crews can be proud of what they do every day.” Tonya adds, “It’s hard to focus on safety and great work when you have a loved one struggling with cancer, addiction, or other challenges. That’s why we employ a company chaplain on staff – to take care of our most important asset – our crew.”

“You can have as much equipment as you want, without talented operators and great co-workers, the equipment is useless. Our crew is THE best crew.” Tonya explains, “The calculations they complete to make sure the pipe is at the proper elevation, the trench is at the correct height, the gravel is compacted enough to provide the foundation for the project, and the material is made correctly. It is remarkable to see every time!”

For the latest local project updates Team Elmer’s has a facebook page and a compelling you tube channel to see everything in action. For more information, check out

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