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Bare, snarled branches drip with ice formed by the harsh waves of Lake Michigan, encircling the foghorn house of Point Betsie. Yet, the rust-hued structure seems to be radiating warmth. It’s a rare wintertime vibe captured by Laura Wright of Haylow Photography and Rustic Flower.

That kind of refuge from the surrounding chaos is evident throughout Laura’s portfolio – an orange-tinged maple leaf resting on river rocks, fog rising from a chilly autumn waterscape, and lavender fields so vivid that every little worry eases back for the viewer. It does just that for the photographer Laura Wright who says, “For me, photography is how I meditate.”

By Haylow Photo

With her Nikon D750 by her side, Laura day trips all over the region’s coast. She stops along Sleeping Bear Dunes, over to Frankfort and sometimes north to the Upper Peninsula, before bringing home images that she and her husband Jason turn into custom works of art for the nature-loving clients of their business, Rustic Flower. 

Set up by a mutual friend and now married for over twenty years, the couple moved from downstate to the Traverse City area in 2003. Together they have two grown daughters, Haley and Lauren and a pair of dogs, Charlie and Piper. Years ago, while Laura’s father taught her the joy of observing the world from behind a lens, Jason was working for his dad at their family-owned mechanical contracting business. His job inspired him to become a journeyman pipefitter/plumber, where he gained experience in welding. 

Jason and Laura Wright_Rustic Flower
Jason Laura Haley Lauren Wright_Rustic Flower

It wasn’t until a little over a year ago, though, that they began combining Laura’s passion with Jason’s skills, an idea that came to her when she was dreaming up ways to join her and Jason’s preferred mediums. 

“The first piece was of a black-eyed susan flower, mounted on reclaimed pallet wood, angle iron frame, secured with wing nuts,” explains Laura. “When I saw the finished piece I said ‘it’s a rustic flower!'” 

The unique style of fine art printed on the metal gives Rustic Flower’s pieces a focus on the light that traditional printing can’t touch. Uniting the contrasting materials gives their work an edge that reflects their own relationship, “We both have an appreciation for each other’s talents. We also see things very differently which is good.”

I have struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my life and photography is my therapy. I hope to offer classes/workshops for others that want to learn how to enjoy photography and find a little peace capturing the beauty of nature.

– Laura Wright

Looking forward, Jason and Laura hope to open their own shop and gallery, as well as host photography workshops for those looking to carve out their own peaceful space in the beautiful wilds of northern Michigan. In the meantime, you can contact the Wright’s for your own one-of-a-kind piece and learn more about Rustic Flower at 

Please take a moment to look at her extensive portfolio on her Facebook page or view some of her Winter Photography here –>

Fun Facts “Behind the Lens” –

  • Laura’s photography passion began in high school during her black & white photography class, along with accompanying her dad and his camera. This photo was chosen by the Flint Art Council in 1987 and Laura was hooked!
 I took this in 1987 at my ballet studio in Flushing, MI. The ballerina in the photo is my sister, Jennifer Borrello and she was taking a break, sitting in the window of the studio that overlooked downtown. I shot with my dad’s Minolta film camera, then went to the darkroom at the high school and developed the print. Ah, I miss those days! – Laura Wright
  • How did Haylow photo get its name? Haylow is the combination of her children’s nicknames and our last initial–Hay for Haley and Lo for Lauren…W for Wright.

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