Mission Point Lighthouse – Celebrating 150 years!

By Amanda Renkiewicz

The first year of this new decade brings with it an incredibly inspiring anniversary: 150 years of the Mission Point Lighthouse. This iconic building has been luring in visitors for years and is maintained by Peninsula Township. The lighthouse was in use from September 10, 1870, guiding and guarding ships for safe passage, until it was decommissioned in 1933. It’s a piece of our local history and has been open for self-guided historical tours through the lighthouse for decades. There is a quaint gift shop, and the historic Hessler Log Cabin to take a step back into the past. With miles of unspoiled trails that run through and around the park (many of which are just as historic as the lighthouse itself), there is an endless amount to do to celebrate nature and our remarkable Northern Michigan history.

By Mission Point Lighthouse Group
By Mission Point Lighthouse Group
Our Little Lighthouse – By Lisa Flaska Erickson

I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They exist only to serve.

-George Bernard Shaw
By Mission Point Lighthouse Group
Winter Sunset at the Lighthouse – By Lisa Flaska Erickson
By Sharon Dakoske

The Mission Point Lighthouse has many things that they can use to help achieve their goals of preservation and restoration. There are various ways you can give your support!

  • Visit Mission Point Lighthouse during its open season! Bring your friends and family, pay for a tour, and buy a souvenir to remember your special adventure.
  • Become a Lighthouse Keeper! The Keeper Program needs people who stay in the Lighthouse for week-long stints or more to run the gift shop (or weekends in the
  • Small construction, maintenance and cleaning projects are available for volunteers with these talents. If you are a licensed contractor, licensed electrician or licensed plumber and can spare your time, please contact the Lighthouse!
  • Become a guide on hikes and help mark trails along the beach and through the woods.
  • Teach the history of the Lighthouse to guided tours, and school children, who come to visit.
  • Garden! The landscaping around the lighthouse needs volunteer attention.

For the artists looking for an outstanding outlet, the 2020 Mission Point Lighthouse Fundraiser – Wine Label Art Competition is just around the corner! The prize is $250 and your art on the Lighthouse Wine label for one year.  This fundraiser directly supports Mission Point Lighthouse’s restoration and beautification, keeper program, and volunteer benefits. The final art judging party will be Friday, April 24th, at 6 pm at Bowers Harbor Vineyards. Bowers Harbor Vineyards puts the winning label on their number one selling wine, their Pinot Grigio. The aromas in this wine reveal citrus and tropical fruits with subtle white flower nuances and is an easy sipping wine for every person’s tastes. A portion of the proceeds go directly to the Lighthouse to help maintain its beauty and grounds. Check out the website www.missionpointlighthouse.com to learn more about the competition, and to apply before the March 17th deadline.

By Charlie Kretschmer
By Maureen Chapman
By Charlie Kretschmer
by Michael Forro

While lovingly maintained by the Township, the Mission Point Lighthouse is the responsibility and duty of all local residents. Whether through monetary donations or trying your hand at being a true Lighthouse Keeper, the Lighthouse is a symbol of unity and beauty in our area. From offering a few hours of gardening to picking up a bottle of Lighthouse Pinot Grigio at Bowers Harbor Vineyards, keep our gorgeous Mission Point Lighthouse in your mind and in your volunteering plans during its 150th birthday!

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