Meet Dr. Joseph Amalfitano

of the Amalfitano Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics

Tried. Tested. True. Dr. Joseph Amalfitano of the Amalfitano Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics has been serving Traverse City since 1994.
Dr. Amalfitano says, “I’m a board-certified specialist in periodontics and dental implants.” As a periodontist, he treats bone loss around the teeth, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Through surgery, Dr. Amalfitano can alleviate potential problems. Dr. Amalfitano’s goal is to save teeth but when teeth need replacement he uses dental implants. He has placed several thousand implants to date.
He also offers laser treatment for periodontal disease utilizing LANAP® — which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. This innovative procedure can save patients’ teeth through pocket reduction and bone growth. It’s an effective treatment that results in a quick recovery and less downtime and is an alternative to standard periodontal flap surgery.

He explains, “The goal of this gum surgery is to remove infection and reduce the size of the pockets surrounding your teeth so that they can be saved rather than lost.”
For patients’ comfort, Dr. Amalfitano offers several forms of sedation: oral sedation and IV conscious sedation, also known as sleep dentistry which results in no memory of the procedure. Nitrous oxide is also offered.
Dr. Amalfitano finds his work rewarding. He says, “It is life-changing. We provide full arch reconstruction with dental implants.” In as little as 24 hours, patients can have a completely new set of teeth restoring comfort, function, and most importantly, create a brand new smile. He is specifically trained to help those patients with dental implants who have been told no other options exist. He is one of the few periodontists in the world trained to provide this revolutionary treatment. Changing lives overnight makes his work fulfilling.  
This leading doctor differs from his competition through his state-of-the-art technology and training. Dr. Amalfitano uses 3D digital printing and computerized milling for reconstructive procedures. 3D printing for prototyping and surgical navigation for dental implants produces extremely accurate results. Dr. Amalfitano also has an in-office dental cone beam CT scanner that provides 3D reconstructions of patients’ jaw structures.  

Dr. Amalfitano earned his Bachelors in Microbiology from the University of Michigan, where he began his dental training. He then completed a fellowship in Oral Microbiology before moving to the Department of Periodontics for advanced surgical training in periodontal disease and placement of dental implants. He delights in exceeding his patients’ expectations and helping them achieve optimum oral health.
We are honored to feature Dr. Joseph Amalfitano of the Amalfitano Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics in this month’s issue. For more information, check out his website,, or give him a call at 231-480-4377. He would be honored to help you with all of your periodontal and dental implant needs.
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