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Review and Photos by Amanda Renkiewicz

To describe the brilliance of a Maru Sushi roll is like describing a fine work of art: precision, attention to detail, sweeping colors, and overwhelming beauty. While it does feel a bit sacrilegious to immediately devour said sushi roll, the taste is akin to achieving nirvana. After years of faithful dining and frequent communication with my friends about our favorite place, my iPhone took heed of our love for it by immediately autocorrecting the name “Mary” to “Maru” (a completely acceptable situation). After many years of experiencing countless sushi places in the United States, Maru Sushi has maintained its status as the absolute best, even inciting day trips down to their Grand Rapids location simply to enjoy it. If there’s any restaurant to wax poetic about, it’s Maru Sushi.

Maru’s menu is a harmonious reflection of honoring a traditional cuisine and rediscovering it through a modern lens. Far beyond the basic rolls, Maru offers outstanding combinations like the Crouching Tiger, with panko fried shrimp, cream cheese, crab salad, shrimp, avocado, fantasy sauce, eel sauce, honey wasabi aioli, masago, and scallion. A newly introduced roll is the Maru Poppins, stuffed with masago-seasoned crab salad, roasted red pepper, seasoned takuan, tempura sweet potato, firecracker sauce, ponzu, scallion, and bonito flakes. The rolls practically melt in your mouth from the extreme freshness. Another fantastic twist is the Sexy Bacon roll, which is indeed sexy, with smoked bacon, cucumber, asparagus, crab stick, tempura crunch, soy paper, fantasy sauce, eel sauce, and creamy garlic sauce.

With friends at Maru Sushi in Grand Rapids, MI from a previous year…

Happy hour at Maru is absolutely fantastic, with 25% off signature rolls, appetizer deals, and drink specials. Outside of the sushi realm, their entrees and sharing plates are just as delicious. Their firecracker shrimp is coated with Japanese seven pepper seasoning and spicy garlic chili sauce (it’s nearly impossible not to order another round). The bulgogi beef skewers are equally amazing, with sautéed onion, garlic bulgogi sauce, and crispy shiitake mushrooms. Maru also offers a daily Chef’s Special roll that ranges in ingredients, preparation, and display, and is an exciting alternative to the regular menu. While fans of the restaurant anxiously await a Maru in their own hometown, the sushi masters have been busy adding locations, with spots now in Okemos, East Lansing, Detroit, Midland, and Kalamazoo, along with Grand Rapids. For the lucky locals, Maru is the only place to enjoy fabulous Japanese cuisine, and for those who seek sensational sushi, they’ll find it well worth a drive.


Please visit for locations and the latest information on their restaurants and procedures during this time!

Carry Out + Delivery Only
Please note masks are required to enter the building
Grand Rapids: m-f: 4-8pm / s-s: 11:30-8pm
Kalamazoo: m-th: 4-8pm / f-s: 12-8pm
Midland: sat-w: 4-8pm / th-f: 12-8pm
East Lansing: m-th: 3-8pm / f-sun: 11:30-8pm
Okemos: t: closed / m, w-sun: 3-8pm
Detroit: temporarily closed
Place an order online for pick-up or delivery!

Photo by Maru Sushi

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