Lynette Priest: Realtor, Real Estate One

Lynette’s Secret to Success? Service through Home Sales 

Customer service can be a return counter, a one-eight-hundred number with a long wait time or the punchline of a brand’s cheesy slogan. In a competitive business world, success for entrepreneurs may rest in a different approach to serving customers. Many realtors advertise on billboards, but branding happens in less likely places for Lynette Priest, a realtor with Real Estate One in Traverse City. She scrubbed floors, shoveled snow and cleaned flower beds in her desire to serve her clients to the best of her ability. 

Lynette Priest

She explained, “Seeing my hard work pay off in helping people attain their goals and dreams” makes it all worth it. It is the personal connections and dedication to professionalism that motivate Priest to help her clients buy or sell.

This perspective has benefited her professional growth. 

Lynette enjoying Michigan’s upper peninsula

In 2018, Priest attained membership in Real Estate One’s Multi-Million Dollar Round Table for achieving a sales volume of more than 2.5 million dollars in the year. With the help of her new team member, Jesse Schwab, Priest is set to reach a sales volume of nearly 5 million dollars in 2019. With this success, she can see the benefit of her personal approach. 

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in the money part of it, but when you pour yourself personally into the reason someone is buying or selling and learn what is important to them, it goes a long way. I get excited when I’m recommended because I’ve earned someone’s trust.” 

It was a personal connection that piqued Priest’s interest in real estate. 

While volunteering to help a real estate agent friend, Priest realized she had never considered being an agent herself. Her family and friends’ encouraged her that real estate would be a great fit and pushed her to enroll and complete the courses required for licensing. In July 2012, Priest became a licensed realtor in the state of Michigan.

Priest was not new to the world of customer service and had decades of experience from her and her husband’s contracting business, Mark Priest Builders, LLC. A thirty-year-old personal network in northern Michigan helped jumpstart her new endeavor but there were more lessons to learn. 

Lynette and Mark Priest

“You can’t wear your emotions on your sleeve.” Priest admitted, “That is a huge thing I had to get over. You must be able to take a good punch and be a good negotiator to help your clients through often-difficult situations.” 

Priest’s clients-first approach to service has built an ever-growing network of people who value her genuine investment in their best interest. Northern Michigan needs more businesses and entrepreneurs who will realize customer service as their motivation.

Lynette Priest (right) and real estate team member- Jesi Schwab (left)

Lynette Priest is a mobile agent working from Real Estate One, 521 Randolph St, Traverse City, MI 49684. She can be reached by phone at (231)944-5972 or email at More information is linked on her agent website,

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