Jennifer Edson – Nurse to Real Estate Agent

By Molly Campbell

Jennifer Edson knows that you can’t move forward if you don’t try new things.

            “Fear keeps people stuck,” she says. “Jump in head first. What if you gain everything? What if your dreams come true?”

            Jennifer has definitely lived her own advice. Though the northern Michigan native and mother of three has been a real estate agent for a number of years, she also has both criminology and nursing degrees, and understands that evolution and flexibility are key to success in life. She originally intended to go into probation or parole work, but after an interview at a prison for teens in which she was asked how she planned to defend herself, “that was it for that dream,” she says.

            Undaunted, Jennifer moved with her young daughter back to her hometown and worked for a while as a paralegal. After getting married, she eventually went to nursing school—she had always been interested, she says, ever since Grey’s Anatomy came on TV—and worked in the field for ten years. But eventually, despite loving the job and her coworkers, she realized she wanted a career that offered more financially than a nurse’s salary.

            So she turned to real estate. This, Jennifer says, is in some ways similar to nursing. “You are catering to your buyer or seller and getting them what they need,” she says. “You are evaluating the situation; you are putting a care plan together and activating it for the good of your client. Then you reevaluate if need be. It is like the seven basic steps of nursing.”

            Jennifer has worked at ReMax and Exit Realty, but made the move to Key Realty last fall because they offer technology and a referrals program that allow her to spend less on advertising while simultaneously expanding her client base. Being a realtor means freedom, she says—being able to take vacation when she wants, plan her days the way she wants to. Rather than being stuck in an office or the hospital for twelve-hour shifts, she is out and about. She gets to connect with clients on a personal level, and says that her relatability and talent for thinking outside the box have helped her be successful.

            “I’m dependable, loyal, native to the area, and know the market well,” she says. She just had her 30 year Central High School class reunion, and is so happy to have returned to the Traverse City area. When she’s not busy with her clients, Jennifer loves enjoying her beautiful Holiday Hills neighborhood, boating, skiing, and taking classes at Yen Yoga. She also loves to go to The Little Fleet, where she enjoys all the food options and running into people she knows.

            Jennifer would not be enjoying the success she has now if she hadn’t kept trying to find her niche. “I honestly believe you have to take chances in life just to figure yourself out,” she says. “You need to learn about yourself and what risks you are willing to take in order to reach your top potential.”

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