Celestial Sky – “Neowise Comet” – Northern Michigan

Feature photo by Bill O’Rourke

Traverse City’s peninsulas were the perfect viewing spot to see the newly discovered Neowise Comet last week. The feature photo was taken by photographer, Bill O’Rourke.

From Scientific American – “Although its official name is C/2020 F3, the comet has been dubbed NEOWISE after the Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) space telescope that first noticed it earlier this year. This “icy snowball” with a gassy tail made its closest approach to the sun on July 3 and is now heading back from whence it came: the far reaches of the outer solar system. Its long, looping orbit around our star ensures that after passing closest to Earth on July 22, Comet NEOWISE will not return for some 6,800 years.” (Read more here –> https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-best-way-to-watch-comet-neowise-wherever-you-are/)

Photo by Bill O’Rourke: –
“I took my photos last week on the boardwalk in front of the Mission Point Lighthouse. “

The US National Weather Service from Gaylord, MI also shared some other incredible shots taken last week near Traverse City, MI. Click here to see them –> https://www.facebook.com/NWSGaylord/photos/pcb.4058740234200543/4058738544200712/

Finally, please enjoy this beautiful, calming, and fascinating time-lapse photography video of Comet Neowise taken on the Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan by Ken Scott Photography.

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