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Founded by Steve and Becky Bulmann in 1998, Bulmann Dock & Lift has grown into Northwest Lower Michigan’s premier dock and boat lift provider. They manufacture vinyl docks and aluminum boat lifts, ranging from a 1300-pound capacity to a 26,000-pound capacity.

Bulmnn Docks

Based in Boyne City, Bulmann Dock & Lift is expanding out of the state adding dealers in Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. They also recently broke ground on their new manufacturing facility, adjacent to their existing facility on Magnet Drive.

According to their website, “The company began in Steve and Becky’s small pole barn in the town of East Jordan, Michigan. In the beginning, Bulmann Dock & Lift sold, installed, and repaired products from other manufacturers. Steve’s experience with these other products made him realize the market lacked a well thought out dock and lift system. Seeing that his customers wanted more out of their lakefront living experience, Steve set out to produce better products with these key factors in mind: appearance, ease of installation and removal, low maintenance, longevity, user-friendliness, and value.” That’s exactly what he has done with the products at Bulmann Dock & Lift.

The Bulmann Team

Chris Binger, Sales and Marketing Director, comments, “We build the highest quality products on the market. When we design a new product, we design it to be the most user-friendly products possible rather than develop by cost like many competitors.”

For example, consider their Double Hydraulic Personal Watercraft (PWC) Lift. It’s the best option available for PWC’s. The six vertical guide posts and two vertical bow stop posts make the lift incredibly user-friendly. The high-grade aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware, and cables, as well as custom machined pulleys, allow this innovative product to withstand the test of time.

As their website states, “The Double Hydraulic PWC Lift is made for either 4′ or 6′ wide dock sections, that create a walkway between the two watercrafts. The deep canopy is an option that keeps your PWC’s tucked up and out of the sun’s damaging rays. The design also allows you to be able to stand up inside without ducking. Every canopy comes with a standard door that makes access and coverage second to none!” Check out a video of it in operation at www.bulmanndock.com.

However, their most popular product is their 6000 lb. Hydraulic Vertical Lift. Chris says, “What makes our lifts different is that they lift straight vertically in comparison to others that lift in an arching motion.” Their mechanical components are located above the water level as opposed to their competitor’s components which are immersed in the water requiring more maintenance due to corrosion over time.

Chris adds, “All our lifts have been designed to work in as minimal water as possible, allowing them to operate in a larger variety of water depths.” Additionally, a solar panel charges the lift. As Chris says, “People don’t have to run electricity down at the water to enjoy our products.”

This local company also services all of their own products. Chris says, ‘We are one of the only local companies that directly manufacture.” In addition, the manufacturers deliver and install their products, which helps in the development of new products and improving the existing ones. This helps them to develop new products and modify existing products.

Their customer service is unparalleled in the industry. The dedicated team is a close family. Chris says, “We all love to work any job that allows us to be around the water.” Even spending considerable time together outside of work.

For more information on Bulmann Dock & Lift, check out their website, www.bulmanndock.com or check out this video –> https://www.facebook.com/BulmannDock/videos/385619778892653/

Bulmann Dock & Lift
175 Magnet Dr.
Boyne City, MI 49712


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