Ann McMann and Boardman Lake Glens

By Brooke Felger

Five years ago, Traverse City local Ann McMann started working for Boardman Lake Glens Senior Living Community as their Marketing Director. At that time, they sat at around 70% capacity. Fast forward to today, and Ann now serves as the house manager at the Highlander location… and is facing a 40-60 person waiting list. Boardman Lake Glens got its start 25 years ago, Highlander being built first, and the Inverness and Brigadoon residences following four years later. 

Ann McMann

Ann has worked for over 20 years for a diverse range of organizations; including Nursing Homes, Pharmacy, Durable Medical Equipment, Hospital and compliance programs. In these roles, she was responsible for direct patient care, management, care planning, policy and procedure development and sales & marketing. She always knew she wanted to work in Geriatric care, and despite some of the more challenging parts of what she does, recognizes the daily rewards it offers. She finds true fulfillment in things like a smile from a resident, one who knows her as a source of comfort and consistency. Or in honest gratitude from families that know she’s providing the best care to their loved one, especially during a difficult time.

“I believe this is what I was meant to do.” – Ann McMann

All of this outweighs her worst days, the ones that end with her feeling hopeless. “Some days I go home and feel like I just didn’t do enough, or there’s no answer to what you I do better, or how much more I can do. Sometimes all I can do is let it play out.”

Regardless of the more difficult days, Ann encourages people to pursue careers in long-term care. Her advice: “Try it out first. See if you are really made for this job. Job shadow at assisted living and nursing homes.” Boardman Lake Glens of course, offers these job shadow opportunities for prospective students or employees.

For those of you not familiar, Boardman Lake Glens offers a wide range of independent and assisted living apartments and services, and pride themselves on individual care management. As long as the individual needs don’t extend into the highly-skilled category, Boardman Lake Glens stays active in their involvement with physician appointments, family communication, and on-site care from medical doctors and nurse practitioners. 

Current Boardman Lake Glens Residents

Boardman Lake Glens is not covered by Medicare. Generally, long-term care facilities are private pay- though Boardman Lake Glens does participate in some VA programs and long-term care insurance plans. The waiting list is currently 6-8 months, and up to a year depending on specific requests. While the waitlist may seem daunting, Ann reminds us that this is because Boardman Lake Glens is set above the rest- due to their proactive nature and active involvement in every level of care. They also are involved in, and attend a multitude of events and fundraisers, including the  Bay Area Senior Advocates Expo, Cherry Jamboree, and volunteer opportunities. 

Ann, like any other local, loves the calm atmosphere of Traverse City. She loves the lakes and as she describes it, our  “backyard playground”. She shares the usual favorites, include Stella’s, Red Ginger, or grabbing a coffee and shopping downtown.

If you would like more information on Boardman Lake Glens, you can visit, or call 231-941-1919.

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