About us

GATHER Michigan is a Northern Michigan owned and sourced community magazine aimed at strengthening our beautiful state and Northern Michigan region, and celebrating the amazing stories of the people who live here. We believe that every story matters. We consider it a privilege to share these inspiring and heartwarming stories of life, triumph, love, and togetherness. Through storytelling, we connect people, businesses, events, and various locations. So come, GATHER with us, and let’s celebrate the spirit of state and our Northern Michigan region! 


Michigan, specifically, Northern Michigan is full of delightful restaurants, wineries, and breweries that engage all of our senses as we enjoy their ambiance and offerings. We share the stories behind the brand, like who it is owned by and how they got started, as well as sharing what locals have to say about the events they put on and the offerings they share.

Community Heroes

We believe that the inspiring stories of our community veterans, first responders, and teachers should not only be told, but celebrated on a daily basis! We want to be the voice that shares the poignant and thought provoking stories of all the people in Northern Michigan who live their lives to serve others.

Professional Profiles

The Northern Michigan business owners and entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of our region. Without them, we would have no revenue or commerce to support our local communities or families. Business owners are important and powerful people who facilitate economic growth and stability. We are honored to share their inspiring stories of courage and overcoming odds to be successful and contributing residents in our various local communities.