A Personal Fitness Coach with Law Enforcement Background – Jon Ruegg

By Kirsten Gunsberg

Originally from St. Ignace, just over the other side of the Mighty Mac in Michigan’s upper peninsula, Jon Ruegg was brought up by parents that instilled the kinds of values pertinent to being in law enforcement. Truth be told though, there was one part of becoming a police officer that up until then had never been at the top of Jon’s to-do list – working out or fitness. No longer a choice, he shifted to a healthier lifestyle while training in police academy at Kirkland Community College in Roscommon and that change served him well during his eight years as an officer in the U.P.

By 2016 he was ready for a change of scenery so he made his way south from the straits and landed in Traverse City. But along with a new town came new work opportunities, ones that didn’t involve as much on-the-go exercise as his prior job had. After a couple of years Jon found himself slipping back into those pre-police academy days of letting weeks stretch between workouts. It’s something that overcomes a lot of of us living up north, those summertime ambitions falling away with the leaves. But Jon couldn’t let go of the lessons he learned in the academy and on the force, remembering that just when you think you can’t go any further, you must. 

So, knowing better than to say “I can’t” to getting back in shape, Jon, who plans to return to law enforcement, began training with Kyler Bradley, a fitness coach and owner of Fit My Life. 

The gym is a place that Jon says offers a really supportive and non-judgemental team of coaches whose passion is to empower clients from all walks to take charge of their health. With Kyler’s guidance he learned to love biking the TART and participating in Tough Mudder’s 5K obstacle course. Within a year of beginning his new regimen, Jon realized he wanted to help people the way Kyler and the Fit My Life team had helped him. In April of 2019 he became certified as a personal fitness coach through the American Sports and Fitness Association and is ready to take on new clients, noting that he’d be an especially great asset to military and law enforcement hopefuls.

Fit My Life is located at 887 Lynch Drive off of Garfield Road in Traverse City. To get started training with Jon use the contact form here (https://www.fitmylifetraversecity.com/contact-us) to request a session with him or connect with him here on Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/jon.ruegg). 

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