Your Story Matters!!

By JJ Griffin

Some of you may be wondering, “What in the world is GATHER?”

GATHER Grand Traverse is a locally owned and sourced community magazine aimed at strengthening our beautiful region and celebrating the amazing stories of the people who live here. We believe that every story matters. We consider it a privilege to share these inspiring and heartwarming stories of life, triumph, love, and togetherness. Through storytelling, we connect people, businesses, events, and local places.

Our monthly printed magazines are distributed to businesses and residents in Grand Traverse County and Leelanau County. Each issue is full of compelling and inspiring content that is aimed at telling the stories of the people who live and work in this community. Through our printed magazines as well as this online magazine, we seek to tell the story behind the story. The struggles, the challenges, the overcoming, and the inspirational ends that will put a smile on our face or encourage us to rise up and do something amazing or celebrate someone else who has.

You are Unique

Research shows people are longing for connection and to be a part of a community that they can relate to and makes sense for their lives. GATHER seeks to not only create community and connections, but we seek to show people that their story matters. You are not just one in a sea of many, a monochrome individual in a world of black and white!! NO! Your story matters!!

Tell your story with your whole heart.

Brene Brown

Whether you are a teacher who is impacting the future generation, a veteran who has stories of heroism from the past, a business owner with a story to inspire other entrepreneurs, or someone who knows how to do something really amazing on a shoestring budget, we would LOVE to share your unique story with others.

We are the positive, inspiring, encouraging way to start your day! No negative news here. Just a celebration of the mosaic of stories that make up Grand Traverse & Leelanau counties and beyond!

We invite you to share your story or nominate someone whose story has inspired or encouraged you! Contact to share!

Let’s celebrate life together. Let’s GATHER!!

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